Pune Times Mirror on a Growth Trajectory Under the Leadership of Pankaj Sharma

17 November 2021

Business Wire India
Pune Times-Mirror, the renowned newspaper which was a part of The Times Group, previously before the pandemic, was in debt & facing an unprecedented hardest-hit in terms of revenues. It led their management to take a final decision of completely shutting down the publications of Pune Times-Mirror.  
Later, on February 13th, 2021, it got acquired by Pankaj Sharma, President of The Lexicon Group. Following months after the acquisition, there was an unexpected rise seen in the bar of achievements and accomplishments gained by Pune Times-Mirror under the leadership of Pankaj Sharma, which has become the new talk of the town. 
Pankaj Sharma along with Neeraj Sharma, Vice Chairman of the Lexicon Group had already visualised the seeds of possibilities amidst the crisis. The focused operations and passionate contributions of the entire team with the uncommon initiatives taken by Pankaj Sharma today have made Pune Times-Mirror a new voice of Pune. It leads to fill up all minor and major gaps of the city and its audiences. Organizing events for appreciating the leading entrepreneurs, businessmen, and leaders of the city for their exceptional contributions with the Bharat Leadership Awards. Launching new campaigns and programs that reflect every aspect of Pune city. Within a span of 6 months, Pune Times Mirror has reinstated itself and aims to grow stronger with every passing day.
On believing the fact that challenges bring with them opportunities, Pankaj Sharma states that he will be proceeding ahead with positive impactful initiatives that will contribute towards making a difference and winning the hearts of people across Pune city.