Ranpak Announces North American Launch of PadPak® Auto-Coiler Ultimate Performance Cushioning Solution

30 March 2021

Ranpak Holdings Corp., a global leader of environmentally sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains, today announced the North American launch of PadPak® Auto-Coiler, the Company’s newest solution for heavy cushioning.

PadPak® Auto-Coiler is an on-demand system that creates a sustainable, paper-based cushioning solution to displace environmentally harmful alternatives, such as foam and plastic. Auto-Coiler automatically forms Ranpak’s proven pads into a protective spiral disc that supports a variety of products, including heavier items that exceed hundreds of pounds. The innovative technology is designed for very heavy, dense or high-value products that are typically difficult to ship. Industries that have a need for this increased level of protection include industrial manufacturing, home furnishings, medical equipment and automotive.

“At Ranpak, we believe that what’s good for the environment is also good for the bottom line, and that sustainable solutions don’t need to compromise product quality, effectiveness or ease of use,” said Omar Asali, CEO of Ranpak. “The addition of PadPak® Auto-Coiler to our broad range of paper-based solutions gives even more manufacturers a new and better option to meet their supply chain, shipping and sustainability goals.”

This innovation features Ranpak’s PadPak® technology in a new way. When paper pads are coiled into a supportive, protective disc of paper, the thickness and surface area of the cushioning product are increased, which boosts shock absorption. Auto-Coiler diminishes any concern when shipping large and heavy items.

With a broad range of paper basis weight options, five operation modes and a brand-new density control selection, the Auto-Coiler provides industry leading customization options. The Ranpak team is highly skilled in determining the optimal protective packaging solution for any company’s shipping requirements. The efficient, easy to operate and high-performance Auto-Coiler is the ideal solution for packaging heavy, dense and fragile products.

For additional information about PadPak® Auto-Coiler™, please visit: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/52402220/en

About Ranpak

Founded in 1972, Ranpak's goal was to create the first environmentally responsible system to protect products during shipment. Ranpak’s mission is to deliver sustainable packaging solutions that help improve supply chain performance and costs, reduce environmental impact, and support a variety of growing business needs globally. The development and improvement of materials, systems and total solution concepts have earned Ranpak a reputation as an innovative leader in e-commerce and industrial supply chain solutions. Ranpak is headquartered in Concord Township, Ohio and has approximately 600 employees. Additional information about Ranpak can be found on its website https://www.ranpak.com.

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