SAVE FOOD China Opens a New Chapter in Innovative Food Packaging

13 February 2017

Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) - leading processing and packaging exhibition focusing on China and the Asia-Pacific region, is set for a grand opening in Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 7-10 November, 2017. The number of companies planning to attend swop 2017 rose by 50% compared to the last show. In less than one month since the opening of visitor pre-registration, numerous well-known enterprises have pre-registered to visit swop 2017, including Yum! Brands, Mengniu Dairy, 3M, BAUMER, IKEA, Dupont, Good Boy, Honeywell, Intel, Nippon Paint, etc., from end-user industry. Where size and internationalism are concerned, swop is a unique platform for businesses offering products and solutions in packaging technology and related processes as well as packaging media and materials for industry segments of food, beverages, confectionery and baked goods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, non-food consumer goods and industrial goods from China and Asian region.

Partial pre-registered companies

In addition, swop 2017 will introduce the special theme “SAVE FOOD”, which exhibits and explores the packaging concept and solutions to reduce food losses and waste in the dual forms of an exhibition and summit forum. As one of the sponsors of SAVE FOOD, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) gives SAVE FOOD China strong support, and has widely publicized the news that SAVE FOOD has entered into China to all the members. It should be noted that SAVE FOOD has received consistent attention from the international community at its launch in China is highly anticipated. It has also attracted many socially responsible suppliers with innovative skills in the packaging industry who are enthusiastic to attend. Companies such as MULTIVAC, Danbell Equipment, Beijing Lantsai, Huayi Plastic, Dupont, Xiamen Changsu, Avery Dennison, Sealed Air, TOMRA, Berry Plastics and so on also expressed great interest in participating in the project SAVE FOOD China.

Recently, the Quali Meat International Meat Safety Research Project was formally launched in Austria with 1 million euros in investment and an estimated three years until completion. This project is designed to develop various types of packaging designed to extend the shelf life of fresh meat products and promote safe consumption through the research of the interaction between packaging materials and products. MULTIVAC, a world leading packaging equipment manufacturer, will provide various kinds of advisement on packaging, packaging equipment and processing during the project, and will customize suitable molds, produce packaging samples and conduct trials at its training and innovation center located at company headquarters in Germany. Additionally, the thermoforming stretch film packaging machine produced by MULTIVAC helped British meat processing enterprises, Dovecote Park extend the shelf life of products by 100% and increase the company’s turnover by nearly 20%.

Dovecote Park

The decay, deterioration, and mildew associated with the microbial dangers of food are closely related to oxygen and moisture. The protective properties of packaging materials are necessary in order to inhibit food spoilage and precise measurements become the basis for predicting the shelf life of foods. Beijing Danbel Instrument Co., Ltd who plan to attend SAVE FOOD China this year, is the sole agent for American MOCON and its affiliate, Denmark DANSENSOR. They are industry leaders in modified atmosphere packaging technology and provide instruments for packaging testing, including oxygen permeation apparatuses, moisture meters, sealing devices, gas mixing apparatuses for modified atmosphere packaging, and headspace analyzers. These technologies serve analytical purposes for the packaging of beverages, dairy, snack foods, dried fruits, spices, baked foods, fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to the study of food preservation and shelf life to avoid insufficient or excessive packaging. The equipment used by the research and development laboratories at industry leading companies including Nestle, Pepsi, and COFCO is provided by these companies.

Intelligent packaging is a trending topic within the industry. Smart Tag, developed and patented by SAVE FOOD China exhibitor Beijing Lantsai Technology Co., Ltd, provided a strong incentive for the intelligent packaging. Based on the data which shows that products deteriorate under abnormal storage and transportation conditions, this technology can consistently monitor product quality in the sectors of logistics and sale of the products, the temperature inside and outside the package and time. Consumers can directly identify the freshness of the product according to the gradual color change from green to red while avoiding the hidden dangers, which exist in the current printed shelf life label. As a result, food waste can be avoided. The Smart tag technology will be applied to upstream and downstream tracing in cold storage, which can monitor each link from production, transportation to consumption and can comprehensively monitor the quality of common perishable products such as food and beverage, medicine and vaccine, cosmetics and so on.