The Aesthetic Meeting 2021 Features Guest Lecture from Whole Beauty® Institute

29 April 2021

CHICAGO, April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Whole Beauty® Institute team will join other experienced plastic surgeons at The Aesthetic Meeting 2021 to be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Florida. The event runs from April 29 to May 3 and consists of educational sessions, courses, and exhibits from industry colleagues. One of the featured events will be a lecture on the unique structural breast lift technique developed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Q. Cook. Structural mastopexy from the Chicago-based Dr. Cook is an advanced version of a standard breast lift. Unlike that long-used lifting technique, however, Dr. Cook’s technique doesn’t require implants and addresses some of the common issues patients have often had with lifts, including deformities.

Relying on weakened, loose skin to hold the breast up, as is typically done during a standard breast lift, often causes the upper part of the breast to appear thinner and more sunken in. Patients may want a firmer, more aesthetically pleasing breast than is possible with a traditional lift—but still not want to have breast augmentation surgery to get the fullness possible via implants.

For a structural mastopexy, a segment of the patient’s own breast tissue is reshaped and repositioned on a higher part of the chest. This results in a more rounded, compact, and perkier breast with an appearance similar to what can be achieved with implants—except no devices are inserted.

Members of The Aesthetic Society can once again meet up in person while following COVID-19 safety guidelines, as well as online through chat rooms and a meeting app. The focus for the 2021 meeting will be on discussing how the industry has changed over the past year, exploring the newest techniques and research in the cosmetic industry with the goal of improving physicians’ skills and expertise, and learning about how patient safety protocols can be enhanced during the pandemic.

Whole Beauty® Institute provides many types of surgical and non-surgical procedures, including everything from facial treatments to breast and body-contouring surgeries.

Learn more about Dr. John Q. Cook, his structural mastopexy, and other details about his Whole Beauty® Institute in Chicago by calling 312-751-2112 for the Chicago Gold Coast office or 847-446-7562 for the Winnetka office. It is also possible to contact the practice online.


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