The Freedonia Group Pauses to Reflect on National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

29 January 2019

CLEVELAND, Jan. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Mike Richardson, longtime packaging industry analyst at The Freedonia Group, shares a reflection on National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day:

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As we gather with friends, family, or co-workers for the National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day observances of our choosing, we pause to express gratitude for all the stuff we've received wrapped – not only in Bubble Wrap® – but in all forms of protective packaging.

And then, we grab some of those sweet, sweet bubbles and pop them. In these turbulent times, there are precious few things so therapeutic as jamming one's thumb into those resilient little blisters.

While we don't forget what paper fill, or packing peanuts, or expanded polystyrene molded foam have meant to us lo these many years, today is set aside for appreciating – nay, celebrating – Bubble Wrap®.

Bubble Wrap® – failed wall covering, failed greenhouse insulation – ultimately found a place in our hearts, and in our boxes, as it protected all those shipped items, many of which were so much less fun to play with than the Bubble Wrap itself.

It's with mixed feelings that we look to the future, a future in which more Bubble Wrap will be the inflate-on-demand kind: so efficient, so economical, but so unpoppable. But deep down, we are soothed by the knowledge that the poppable kind is here and will remain so; and that should be at the center of our hearts and minds on this, National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

Mike Richardson is a longtime industry analyst at The Freedonia Group, who has written reports on packaging and several other topics. He is not addicted to popping Bubble Wrap®, and is capable of quitting any time he wants to.  

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