The Joseph Company International Announces Expansion of Self-Chilling / Chill On Demand™ Packaging Innovations

21 October 2020

The Joseph Company International, the recognized global leader in self-contained cooling and innovative beverage packaging solutions, is excited to announce that it has expanded its self-chilling / Chill On Demand™ packaging capabilities beyond its standard beverage can technology. This most recent breakthrough will allow The Joseph Company to not only service the beverage industry but segments of the packaged foods industry as well.

For the last several years, and in addition to the beverage world, The Joseph Company has been contacted by the global food industry seeking packaging innovations utilizing Joseph Company self-chilling technology. Whether it is milkshakes, miscellaneous dairy products, or other liquid based food products of various viscosities, The Joseph Company is proud to announce it can now begin to fulfill those requests.

Through the continual results of its innovative research and development program, The Joseph Company can now offer the global food industry, as Joseph Company International Chairman and CEO Mitchell Joseph put it, "..self-chilling packages and specialty cans that are only limited by the imagination of the respective company's marketing team. This breakthrough allows us to offer the food and beverage world an infinite choice of futuristic beverage packages."

The patented Chill-Can® and the MicroCool® technology created by The Joseph Company utilizes a built-in heat exchange unit in concert with reclaimed CO2 to create its chilling technology. The EPA award winning process uses CO2 that is recaptured from the atmosphere and is reused. The Chill-Can® is 100 percent recyclable and does not introduce any new CO2 to the atmosphere.

This is the second major breakthrough for The Joseph Company this year. In July, The Joseph Company announced the development of a breakthrough Five (5) Liter Keg technology that features a unique patented inside pressurized system. The new Joseph Keg™ eliminates excess foaming and allows the consumer to activate, dispense a beverage, store in the refrigerator and continue to use over a period of more than 30 days without any degradation of product quality, including flavors or carbonation levels.

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About The Joseph Company International Inc.

Led by Mitchell Joseph, The Joseph Company International is the developer, manufacturer, and patent holder of the world's first commercially viable self-chilling beverage can: The Chill-Can®. The Joseph Company intends to rapidly commercialize its self-chilling package portfolio through private labels and licensing of the technology to the food and beverage world. The Joseph Company is currently constructing a $20 Million Beverage Production and Technology Complex in Youngstown, Ohio which will allow for the mass production of self-chilling packages.