Thinking Aloud, Mr. Prasoon Joshi’s New Book Is the Combination of Sharp Intellect and Authentic Narrative

7 March 2019

Business Wire India
Writing a book or a feature film has a certain gestation period, a longer journey to undertake, whereas penning articles is in a more immediate context, remarks the CEO of MCcan Ericson world group India, Mr. Prasoon Joshi has been contributing his skills in the fields of literature, cinema, advertisement for over the decades.

Being the recipient of Padmashree by Govt. of India, Prasoon Joshi has been fascinating us with his unforgettable song-lyrics, poems and clutter braking campaigns.  Lajja to Black to Rang De Basanti to Neerja to recently released blockbuster Manikarnika, Mr. Joshi has gathered ovation and respect for his stupendous work nationally as well as globally.

Prasoon Joshi’s newly launched book “Thinking Aloud: Reflections of emerging India”, the sociocultural voice in literary world which takes you on a voyage through multiple layers of societal circumstances, cinematic impact on bourgeoisie, creativity in the changing times and the innumerable realms of realities.

“We are seeing change in India. It has hitherto been subtle, but now it’s more vigorously evident,” he mentioned in his recently launched book. He has acknowledged that common man in India has been disengaged or cornered, but sooner or later, they are emerging with their “sense of identity” and “new-found confidence”.

 “Writing lyrics for films is like walking a tightrope –one cannot be vague and excessively symbolic like in poetry, but at the same time, the mystique and beauty should not be compromised. Striking the right balance is critical”, he has also mentioned powerfully. Now-a-days, the use of lyrics or the composition of song has less intensity and insignificant entertainment has been paid more attention than the value of content, described the author of “Thinking Aloud”.  

Joshi has ignited our mind and addressed an issue, “The magic of cinema has touched us all. But have films transcended to a function beyond? Are we, as a society, looking for movies as medicine?” Today’s society wants more virtual gratification rather than genuine connect and want to consume every event without experiencing it. On the other hand, Joshi has shard his views that film like “Rang De Basanti” which forces you to think and connects to the audiences on an authentic note. Contextually, he has also said, “What is clear is that the manner in which a cinematic offering is consumed is dependent on the phase that the social order is going through.”

In the social media contextual narrative, Prasoon Joshi has poured his thought, though digital media has made the better communication, opened unheard opportunities, it has some boundaries. By picking few wonderfully written lines from his book, we would like to highlight the message, “Every new age brings its own narrative, but let not the charm and bittersweet pang of nuance be forgotten. Let’s definitely celebrate the new and the better, but more importantly, let’s not lose the ability to pause, to listen to the murmurs and lament what is worth lamenting. After all, the past and the present together morph into the tomorrows”.

Earlier Joshi had launched two more great books, i.e, “Dhup ke sikke” and “Sunshine Lanes”, the valuable addition to literary world.  But 2019 is witnessed with his masterpiece which certainly a prototype of our time. “Thinking Aloud” is his collection of excellence which derives from experiences and ideas he has came across while working at various forums.