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UniPaC, a Company Pioneering the Large-Scale Logistics Market, Supplies 1,000L Jumbo Boxes

Tuesday, Aug 04, 2015

UniPaC is raising itself as a global company by exporting large-sized plastic goods for automobiles, electronic goods, and general industrial use to overseas markets. This results from its independent technical skills and future-oriented thinking.

UniPaC is a company that discovers and imports competitive plastic goods from overseas markets, in addition to exporting such goods to overseas markets. The company possesses the highest level of technical skills in Korea and is the only company in Korea that can supply large-sized jumbo boxes in the volume of 1,000L.

The 1,200L jumbo box, which is currently under development, and the 1,000L jumbo box are independently developed and supplied exclusively through UniPaC. The company also manufactures and sells jumbo boxes in various sizes such as 625L and 600L.

This outcome could be reached because the company has formed a consortium with leading plastic companies in Korea. UniPaC concluded an exclusive agreement for overseas exportation with Corea Plastic Co., Ltd., which is the only company that acquired the 7000t extra-large catapult (90kg/1 time) from TOSHIBA, Japan, and through such agreement, UniPaC was able to possess the technology so that it can independently develop large-sized jumbo boxes.

UniPaC is performing both development and production of large-sized jumbo boxes at the same time. By constructing an automated production system through a large-sized catapult, UniPaC provides uniform products and exhibits a high level of quality. Based on outstanding chemical resistance, safety is guaranteed even when using chemicals. The boxes are necessities that must be available during storage, loading, and transportation of food, confectionaries, agricultural and marine products, and other industrial raw and subsidiary materials. Moreover, the sales price may be decreased by the reduction of production cost upon mass production.

Accordingly, when purchasing large-sized jumbo boxes through UniPaC, purchasers may be guaranteed with quality and lower price compared to other companies. In addition, the company exports plastic pallets (disposable and general pallets) in various sizes and supplies various products pursuant to the standards required by purchasers.

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