WPDTC, Global Conference of elite packaging professionals searching solutions for green and ecological development of the packaging industry

3 September 2019

The World Packaging Design and Technology Congress, WPDTC along with ‘New Packaging Materials, Technology, Design Summit forum’ will be held in China on September 4th, 2019. WPDTC is the new stage to boost the development of global packaging design, materials and technology innovation, providing a broader platform and more opportunities for the cooperation and development of the packaging industry across countries, and bringing together the innovative powers of the five continents to create a better world.

The theme of the conference is “innovation ecology for future packaging”.

And discussions will concentrate on three issues concerning new design, new materials, and new technology of packaging. During the conference, elites, nearly 300 packaging professionals from the global packaging community will discuss the development trends and applications of the three issues, and propose feasible solutions for the green and ecological development of the packaging industry.

The WPDTC is dedicated to the innovation and development of the global packaging industry, providing a broad platform for the exchange and cooperation of packaging industry in various countries.

It will use the form of speech + forum to discuss the three major sections of “Packaging New Materials, New Technology, and New Design”.

At this conference, experts from all over the globe in the packaging industry will gather together to share and provide feasible solutions for the green, ecological and intelligent development of the packaging industry to achieve sustainable development and common prosperity of the packaging industry.

This maiden conference concept is the brain child of Mr.Yu Jianhu, Chairman of Global Packaging Centre in China.

The WPDTC is chaired by Prof Pierre Pienaar from Australia who is also President of WPO. Hyderabad based Industrialist and global Ambassador of World Packaging Organisation, Chakravarthi AVPS will be Secretary General for this prestigious global packaging platform.

Other noteworthy participants who will present in this congress are Mr.Thomas Schneider , the hall of fame awardee from USA, Mr.Antro Saila President of European Packaging Institutes Consortium from Finland, Ms. Luciana Pellegrino  Vice President WPO from Brazil, Dr.Johannes Bergmair General Secretary WPO from Austria, Mr.Li Hua Executive Director of China Packaging federation, Mr.Rohan Victoria President of Asian Packaging federation from Srilanka apart from host of packaging industry leaders from People republic of China. In addition eminent persons from industry, academy, technology will take part in this congress.

Further elaborating on the congress, Chakravarthi AVPS said the theme of WPDTC will be “Integrating Global Innovation to Empower Packaging of the Future”

He said, the deliberations will address the following key points.

The impact of exploration and application of innovative materials for packaging on developing this industry and their contributing to social values.
The blue ocean for optical technology in packaging industry.
The environment-friendly design and sustainable development of packaging.
New developments in smart & intelligent packaging.
Challenges and Opportunities of Packaging in a Circular Economy.

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