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Dovetail CDT3010_BH

Dovetail CDT3010_BH

After a season of caring for your fruit, and harvesting with care, don’t start off your packing line with a rough and rigid wire belt! Start it with our special dovetail feed system with the state-of-the-art “New Wave Belt” by A&B! A&B’s Dovetail Incline Conveyor discharges product gently and dramatically reduces berry drop. Its specially designed metering hopper provides an even flow of product through your entire line which enhances efficiency. With its ingenious delivery system, this conveyor improves the quality of your fruit by preventing it from rubbing the sides of the conveyor.

Features and Benefits

•Simple to operate

•Hopper is designed to gently deliver fruit away from the side walls

•Gentle, no-rub fruit handling design, protects the fragile bloom of the fruit

•Industrial-grade, non-fray, PVC belting or the all new “Wave belt” available

•Adjustable feed rate, easy load, metering hopper designed to create an even flow of fruit

•Dovetail, soft-roll ramp exit with adjustable angle and height

•Small exit-end pulley for gentle transfer of fruit

•Variable speed drive

•Adjustable leg height

•Heavy duty stainless steel construction

•Wash down motor

•Low Maintenance

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