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Adpak Machinery Systems Limited

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Trim Sealing Machines

Trim Sealing Machines

Trim Sealing Machines

Trim Sealing Machine, Pack Examples - AdpakOur range of continuous-seal, fully automatic trim sealing machines provide a natural progression beyond the “L-sealer” range.

Both of our European partners BVM and Smipack provide innovative options to meet a variety of challenges.

Characterised by excellent build quality all trim sealing machines provide high speed, high quality solutions with no limitation on the length of product, this range has developed into a market leader with successful installations in numerous sectors.

Machine types

Models in this range can handle both polyolefin and polythene with high speed output to suit all requirements

Heat Shrink Tunnels

Adpak supply an extensive range of heat shrink tunnels to complement our shrink wrapping, automated bagging and sleeve sealing packaging systems. Features include:

• Customisable control system

• Conveyor with turning or fixed silicone-coated rollers

• Works with a variety of packaging films

• Reduced power consumption

• Compliant with CE regulations.

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