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Advent Labelers

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Advent Model 300

Advent Model 300

Advent Model 300


  • Applies labels to round containers from one ounce to one gallon.
  • Labels 20 to 30 containers per minute.
  • Fast container size change with no change of parts necessary.
  • Machine stand with casters.
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty.


The Advent Model 300 Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Machine is unique when compared to other semi-automatic P-S labelers.

With its ingenious design, air pressure and an electronic photo-eye are not require in its operation. This allows the 300 to increase the labeling speed.

The Advent 300 can label up to 10,000 containers in 8-hours and applies labels to all types of round containers: metal, plastic and glass.


  • Container Diameter: Min: 3/4" OD Max: 12" OD (1.90 cm. to 30.48 cm.)
  • Label Size Min: 3/4"W x 1"L (1.90 cm. by 2.54 cm.)
  • Label Size Max: 8"W x 20"L (20.32 cm. by 50.8 cm.)


  • Machine size: 20"W x 26"L x 36"H (50 cm. by 66 cm. by 91 cm.)
  • Electrical: 110 v, 60 Hertz standard 220 volt available.

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