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Tray & Carton Formers

Tray & Carton Formers

Tray & Carton Formers

Tray Formers and Carton Formers are essential machines for your production line. AFA Systems’ tray formers and carton formers are robust machines that produce strong and square trays and cartons that help increase customer satisfaction and reduce line downtime. AFA’s tray and carton formers typically use mandrel heads to plow the tray or carton through a series of folding rails.


The CE-ABI – Compact Auto-Bottom Carton Erector and Indexer is a compact carton erector that can handle auto-bottom cartons with ease. All major drives of the CE-ABI are servo driven allowing for smooth and quiet operation and accurate fault diagnostic capabilities. Innovative auto-bottom carton erector can pick and erect auto-bottom cartons at high speeds and minimize jams. Furthermore, the CE-ABI features a pneumatic pick device to transfer filled auto-bottom cartons from the indexing conveyor onto a downstream conveyor. Stainless steel construction increases corrosion resistance and the CE-ABI has a modular design for future retrofits or projects. USDA approved machinery painted parts and safety guarding with electrical interlocks are standard on the CE-ABI.

The system can also be designed to integrate third-party robots into the system. A flighted servo driven indexing conveyor can be added to ensure accurate positioning of the carton for robot or operator loading.


Flow Wrap Product

The CE-ABI can easily integrate with upstream top load systems for flow wrap applications.

Pouches of Product

The CE-ABI can present cartons for top loading pouches of product.

Sticks of Product

The CE-ABI can seamlessly integrate with stickpack machines.

VFFS Product

The CE-ABI can present cartons for VFFS product applications.

Auto-Bottom Cartons

The CE-ABI has been engineered to handle auto-bottom cartons at high efficiency rates.

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