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Hamer-Fischbein SH 1000

Hamer-Fischbein SH 1000

The Hamer-FischbeinSaxon SH 1000 Hot Air Sealer is an advanced hot air sealing system that seals a wide variety of heat sealable pillowstyle plastic bags including those used in the food, medical, and chemical sectors. Easily adjustable controls for the heaters, air flow, and variable speed drive ensure efficient heat transfer and sift proof sealing. There are NO BANDS required, eliminating maintenance cost and downtime.


  • Increased heater airflow resulting in faster operating speeds and increased productivity.

  • Low-profile infeed ensures correct bag presentation

  • Adjustable wheel setup for fast product changeover

  • High-efficiency heaters accommodate a variety of bag types and sizes

  • Electric height-adjustable column


  • Dimensions: L 40.5 in (102.8 cm), D 28 in (71.1 cm), H 65 in (165.1 cm)

  • Speed (Ranges with VFD): 8.9-20.3/20.3-46.3/31.8/72.8 linear feet per minute

  • Electric: 115/230V - 1/3PH-50/60Hz - 24VDC

  • Air: No Air

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