Welding Machinery for OTS

Welding Machinery for OTS


At Can-fab Welders, the customer is assured prompt product delivery and an immediate response. While catering to the order, the company assures that their goods match with international standards and comply with all global techniques. Their Projection Welding, Lug Welding and Resistance Welding machines deliver the finest products effectively and efficiently.

The company offers a wide range of products like Resistance Welding Machine, Lug welding / Chapdi/ Projection welding / Spot Welding Machine, Side Seam Welding Machine OTS for manufacturing containers for food and beverage products. It produces Aerosol cans using Semi Automatic Body Maker for manufacturing spray cans, Seam Welding Machine for Drums, Barrels etc. In addition, Can fab makes Stretch Formers, which includes 15kg for SR/DR Sheet, 250ml to 5ltr, Square and Conical. And lastly, Can fab makes Side Seam Welding Machine also known as Can Welding Machine for Paints, Oil, Ghee, and Adhesive etc., and Can components lids (cover) for OTS, Aerosol cans.

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