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Full Color Digital Labels

Full Color Digital Labels

Full Color Digital Labels


Digital Labels & Shrink Sleeves

For color-critical, shorter print runs

Our full color digital printing process now utilizes CMYKOV printing! Along with the standard CMYK inks (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key/black) we’ve added orange and violet inks to the process. The benefit is more brilliant colors and a closer Pantone® color match.

Digital printing requires no printing plates, so copy can be changed easily and with minimal set up time. Digital labels and shrink sleeves can be produced in small quantities at affordable prices. Gloss lamination and matte varnish are both available as a topcoat. 


  • Speed-to-Market: Ship in 5 business days from approval of artwork
  • Low Minimum Quantities: Ideal for short runs and multi-SKU jobs
  • High Print Quality: High Definition (HD) quality, extended color gamut, perfect registration
  • Cost Savings: No plate charges, print-on-demand so no inventory or obsolescence
  • Customizable: Use to target any demographic or promotional opportunity
  • Sustainability: Significantly lower environmental impact over conventional printing methods


The digital imprint process is referred to by many names, including CMYK, process color, full color, and four color. Century Label’s digital CMYKOV printing process goes above and beyond by utilizing six ink colors instead of the traditional four. These imprint colors are combined in different measurements to create a wide variety of colors. Century Label employs a digital application of the inks, eliminating the need for printing plates. With no printing plates, copy can be changed easily and short runs can be produced at a low cost.

The digital application process used by CenturyLabel enables us to print labels and shrink sleeves that are individually unique. This type of variable data printing which was once nearly impossible to accomplish is made easy by the plate free digital printing process. Digital printing also allows for short runs of labels and shrink sleeves to be printed. With minimal set up time and no expensive plate fees, digital labels can be produced in small quantities at affordable prices.

Another advantage of digital printing is the potential for multiple imprint colors. While many ink labels are confined to a maximum of two colors, digital labels can accommodate even photographic images with many colors. The limitation of the traditional four color digital process however is the inability to color match. Although imprint colors can be combined to create many different colors and shades, not all colors of the spectrum can be produced. However, utilizing CMYKOV allows Century Label to print more vibrant colors for close color matching.

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