Wide-Mouth Bottle Cap

Wide-Mouth Bottle Cap

RingCrown ring pull caps are made of steel the same material as a traditional crown cork bottle cap. RingCrown is of the same diameter as a crown cork, it fits the same bottle mouths and withstands the same internal pressure.

The RingCrown bottle cap is an easy open cap. By offering this convenience to users RingCrown is ideal for growing your brand’s market share.

RipCap is an aluminium ring pull cap with similar benefits to the steel RingCrown. RipCap bottle caps are made from one piece this allows the ring of the cap to be printed to match the cap and label decoration. So improving upon the already significant visual impact of RingCrown.  RipCap closures are suitable for pasteurisation and sterilisation applications.

Finn-Korkki’s RingCrown and RipCap bottle caps are tamper proof, this high level of tamper evidence gives the customer confidence they are buying the genuine article. The bottle cap protects very effectively against counterfeit products.

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