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Alpha 8 Horizontal flowpacker

Alpha 8 Horizontal flowpacker

Alpha 8 Horizontal flowpacker

Introducing the very latest Fuji flowpacker, Alpha 8!

This flow wrapper is built with the most advanced techniques. Fuji took into account a few important points when developing the flowpacker: quality, ease of use and efficiency.

The renewed flowpacker is now so user-friendly, maintenance-free and stable that we can safely say that the flowwrapper is a game changer!

  • QualityFuji considers quality to be of paramount importance. And by that we mean both the quality of the final flowpack packaging and the quality of the machine.
  • Easeof use Characteristic of Fuji: quick product change and easy to operate. During the development of the flowpacker Alpha 8, a lot of attention was also paid to the prevention of human errors.
  • EfficiencyThe yield of the packaging machine must be higher than the costs incurred. The efficiency has improved: less maintenance, minimum downtime, maximum output.


The 15.6-inch touchscreen has been redesigned. The menu, language, most frequently used functions and the like can be set up completely personalized for each user. Thanks in part to these options and the layout improvement, the screen is so clear and well-arranged that the ease of use has been greatly improved. Did you know that the design of the layout takes into account people who are color blind?

Using an internet connection, the Fuji Packaging Benelux technicians can watch live at any time and make adjustments to the screen if necessary. This allows us to solve malfunctions more efficiently and faster from our own workshop!

Automatic calculation of product position: by entering product size, cut-off length and foil angle, the flowpacker can calculate the exact position of the product in the flowpacker. This makes it easy to adjust printed foil. But any emission positions are also automatically adjusted.

The touchscreen helps the operator with a product change. Because the screen shows the mechanical settings very graphically, a product change is very easy to carry out. By means of an option to check off all these settings, we can prevent human errors.

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