Hydrotec (UK) Ltd

Hydrotec (UK) Ltd

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HydroION® Base Exchange Water Softening

HydroION® Base Exchange Water Softening

Water softening by the method of ‘base exchange’ or ‘ion exchange’ can be an extremely effective method of scale control for many systems. In particular this technique is useful where a permanent softening effect is required or is indeed critical for the operation for some downstream process such as the use of a reverse osmosis machine or a steam generator

  • High efficiency strong acid cation exchange resin of high quality mono-spherical grade

  • Independently tested to both BS EN 14743:2005 + A1:2007 and DIN 19636-100:2008-02

  • BIM models available

  • Automatic Regeneration Chlorinator

  • Automatic Refresh Mode

  • High Brining Rates Available for Specialist Applications (Cooling tower, humidifiers, etc.)

  • Integrated low brine alarm available with BMS functionality


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