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Mono high performance films

Mono high performance films

Cut and stack labels are found in many juice and cold drink aisles. The ability to apply labels directly to the bottle or container makes it a very attractive and cost effective labelling method.

In order to run smoothly and efficiently, cut and stack films need very controlled stiffness, static properties, web flatness and surface characteristics. They also need to have strong ink and adhesive compatibility.

Innovia’s RayoWrap™ selection of films in both clear and white versions, meet all the demands for this application resulting in high quality and consistent application. Our innovations have changed the market from lamination to monoweb, paper to film.

The patented LRH 80 film type enables partners to run less dense films without any performance loss. Thinner versions of LRH have subsequently been developed to get closer to the economics of paper labels whilst providing the performance advantages of polypropylene.

Our range includes clear and white films

RayoWrap™ ETF is a transparent label film that is ideal for “no label look” monoweb applications and does not need lamination.

RayoWrap™ LRH is the high yield, white label film that gives all the advantages of a BOPP vs shop worn paper equivalents.

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