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Horizontal form-fill-seal machines

Horizontal form-fill-seal machines

Bossar B-Series machines are intermittent operation, horizontal form-fill-seal machines for packaging products in pouches and sachets. This FFS equipment manufactures pouches with 3- or 4-sided seals. A wide range of options for format sizes, closures and caps make this an extremely versatile machine.


Bossar’s B-Series machines handle dry or powdered products, liquids, solids and viscous products across many industry applications including:

  • Food and beverages

  • Chemicals and household goods

  • Cosmetics and personal care items

  • Chemicals for industry, oils and lubricants

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Co-packers

Product applications can range from very small wet wipes sachets or single dose samples to large sachets or pouch packs for shredded cheese etc.

Pouch and sachet types include:

  • Flat pouches

  • Stand-up pouches

  • Shaped pouches

  • String pouches

  • Partially shaped pouches

  • Flat sachets

  • Twin sachets

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