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Kaufman Engineered Systems

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Robotic Load Labeler

Robotic Load Labeler

Dependable automated labeling systems from Kaufman Engineered Systems

Just one FANUC labeler can replace multiple traditional labelers.

Each Kaufman robotic labeling system enables complete load traceability at efficient speeds with a user-friendly operator interface.

Kaufman Robotic Labeler Series:

  • KRL1 Kaufman Robotic Labeler
  • KRL1V Kaufman Robotic Labeler with Label Verification

One robot can:

  • Pick multiple label types
  • Apply labels to adjacent sides of loads
  • Apply labels to double stacks
  • Verify label placement using vision sensors
  • Robotic_Labeler_10.jpg

FANUC robotic load labelers also feature:

  • Integrated label verification of print data and quality
  • Capability to place multiple sized labels at multiple heights and at multiple sides
  • Clean and easy access label pick location
  • Convenient access to printer for maintenance and change out

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