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Bespoke System Engineering

Bespoke System Engineering

Bespoke System Engineering

Kensal Handling Systems can provide bespoke systems designed for your specific application. Whether designing unique equipment, working with advanced control systems, or integrating with your existing manufacturing facility and control systems, we can manage the way through all aspects of design and implementation.

These following case studies give a flavour of the scope of the expertise and skills which we will bring into action to provide you with the solution you require 

Case Study - Accumulation Conveyor System for client Johnson Matthey

The requirement from J.M was for an upgrade to their production line for Catalytic Converters to have a buffer system between 2 exisiting Robotic production cells to balance thier production and maximise line efficiency.

The units (or substrates as they are known) weigh up to 20kg each with dimensions from 80mm to 300mm diameter and 75mm to 304mm in height. At this point in the manufacturing process, they are very fragile and have to be handled very gently.

The project called for 60 minutes of accumulation between the 2 legs of the production process, but with space limited and access required to the robotic cells, the solution was not straightforward.

After considering several options, it was agreed that Kensal would provide two systems each with 3 tiered conveyors mounted above each other with trays located between the levels to prevent cross contamination.

Once integrated into the lines, the units are loaded and unloaded automatically by robots and their exact position continuously monitored by a series of cameras. The system is designed with each level being stepped to permit access for the robot head.

To ensure no damage , we selected a plastic modular chain with a moulded soft compound rubber face to allow maximum accumulation but ensuring  that each unit was held gently and securely for the time it was in transit.

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