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Klockner Pentaplast

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Vacuum Skin Packaging

Vacuum Skin Packaging

Rfresh Evolve®


Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP) now represents approximately five per cent of all protein packaging in Europe.


Packers and retailers are growing increasingly aware of the benefits that VSP brings – extended shelf life, reduced food waste, supply chain efficiency and increased sales.


LINPAC is able to offer customers three application styles – normal VSP (below the flange protrusion), protruding VSP (slightly above the flange protrusion) and super-protruding VSP (high protrusion above the flange).


Packs are available in mono PET, PET/PE, Barrier PP and Barrier EPS for all current VSP designed tray sealing machinery. Most recently, LINPAC has led the way for the industry to move to fully recyclable rigid rPET tray designs for VSP, which helps retailers maximise shelf appeal.


Manufactured with up to 95 per cent supercleaned rPET, LINPAC is able to provide creative designs incorporating innovative colours, shapes, labelling options and environmental credentials.


Using pre-formed trays for VSP has provided an opportunity to transform the shelf presence and overall look and feel of meat, fish and poultry packaging.

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