Kulp Packaging Machines

Kulp Packaging Machines

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - This is a volumetric filling machine that works with FESTO pneumatic system.

- Easy to adjust and record the filling range by the numerator and the hand wheels.

- It primes the product from the storage tank directly.

- High surface smoothness and argon arc welding technology prevents contamination.

- The seals are manufactured from teflon, viton or polyethylene according to the product to be filled.

- The parts on the machine are connected by tri –clamps.

- The nozzle, the main valve and the filling piston are designed for an easy-cleaning. They can be dismantled easily without using any tool.

- Interchangeable nozzles are available according the product, either it's liquid, viscous or particulated. 

- There is a heigth adjustable platform on the filler to place the packages during the filling process.

- The machine stands on a stainless steel frame which is supprted by 4 castors, it can be easily move to anywhere.

- The machine can be considerated as exproof system as it only uses compressed air to function.

- The table top version is available suitable for small filling areas mostly.

- The detailed instruction manual for each model is available.

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