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MiniPack HFFS Zipper

MiniPack HFFS Zipper

Compact Rollstock Zipper Bag Machine

With the Minipack Zipper Bag Machine you can produce the look, feel, and finish of high-end blister packaging with minimal labor or investment. The Minipack boasts the smallest footprint (less than 8 feet long) of any rollstock machine with a zipper seal incorporated into it. The Minipack is ideal for packaging applications where accuracy and seal integrity are of the utmost importance.

MDC MiniPack Zipper Bag Machine Key Features

Top and Bottom Web Registration: The MiniPack’s powered unwinds and top and bottom web registration system allows users to run printed films on both the top and bottom webs. Included are splice and low web detection for each web. The MiniPack maintains registration throughout the entire run to ensure your final packages look great.

Easy to Operate: The Minipack is so compact that only one operator is required to run and load the system. The simple touch screen walks the operator through set up and production and makes troubleshooting a breeze.

Stop and Start (on demand bagging): MDC’s retractable stations remove heat from the film during machine stops allowing you to produce the exact amount you require without throwing away valuable materials.

Built Solid: The MiniPack is constructed with 4″ aluminum framing which provides a solid and robust build while keeping the system affordable. An additional benefit is the open view of the inner components, which are completely guarded with a CAT 3 safety package.

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