Wing Servo Auger Filler

Wing Servo Auger Filler

Nichrome’s WING Servo Auger filling series of machines offer an efficient packaging solution for the most complex and versatile packaging applications. Its PLC based machine offers a sturdy performance and designed to last longer. A multi-featured controller allows packing multi-sided sachets and pouches.




Wing Servo Auger Filler is most prominently used as a solution for packing Coffee & Tea Premix, Refined Sugar, Soup Mix, Dairy Whitener, Milk Power, Soft Drink Concentrates, Pharmaceutical Powders, Nutraceutical Powders.


Product Specification


The following details below discusses about the product technicalities.


Machine Stickpack
Output 70-80 pouches per min.
Quantity 1g to 15g (10cc to 80cc)



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