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Heat shrinkable films

Heat shrinkable films
  • mainly for group packaging of various products (beverages, foodstuffs, industrial products, etc.)
  • for fixing of individual products of various sizes and shapes
  • shrinkage occurs due to short-term heating in a hot air tunnel or by a hot air gun (burner)
  • the temperature required for shrinking: 130°C - 170°C (depending on the film type and the type of a shrinking machine)

Advantages of using shrinkable films

  • lower costs compared to cardboard packaging
  • perfect fixation of goods
  • protection against moisture, dust and mechanical damage
  • good optical properties allowing visual inspection of packaged goods
  • LDPE films are tasteless and odourless, do not contain toxic substances
  • LDPE films are inert against packaged goods - suitable for food packaging

Possible treaments of shinkable films

  • microperforation
  • printing according to the customer's request
  • UV stabilization
  • colour adjustments
  • antistatic treatment

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