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Three-Side Seal or Flat Pouches

Three-Side Seal or Flat Pouches

Three-Side Seal or Flat Pouches

Save on costs and boost your product’s shelf appeal with our classic flat pouches. 

Provides display versatility and high impact graphic design possibilities for products of smaller sizes or volumes, or even large hard-to-pack items such as whole fish. Our three side sealed flat pouches are ideal to package and display a variety of items, from cured & chilled meats to snack foods. 

Available options




Freezer Safe

Made from Recycled Content

Bulk Packaging

Versatile and Functional

Our flat pouches have a classic and functional design that can easily be transformed into a shaped pouch. Plus, this packaging bag can feature a range of seals and closures such as resealable zippers, laser tear notches, and more.

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