Olavi Rasanen Oy

Olavi Rasanen Oy

Arinakatu 7, 50170 Mikkeli, Finland

One-way pallets

One-way pallets

One-way pallets - fast deliveries!

Our stock selection of one-way pallets has perfected into an extensive and competitive over the decades. You will certainly find cost-efficient alternative from our stock selection that are immediately available for delivery. Sizes: 800x600, 1200x800 and 1200x1000

Tailored one-way pallets

We design and manufacture disposables tailored to the needs of our customers. The pallets are dimensioned according to the products being packed, and the pallet structure takes into account other special requirements that make it easier to handle the pallets in our customers' stock and production, and in the packaging itself. In addition, pallets can be identified with paintings and markings.

Automatic production lines ensure consistent quality

Our range of disposable items is manufactured with powerful automated lines that guarantee a high quality and lasting end result. Automation trimming and especially nailing of nails will improve the stiffness of deck boards. The nailing of our disposables is equivalent to nailing a standard volume, which is regularly tested according to standards.

The chain of custody of our raw materials is certified

The raw material of our returnable pallets is PEFC certified and has been standardized with the ISPM15 standard . so that they are also suitable for packing export products. As an indication of our one-offs, the standard required by the standard (IPPC).

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