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Orlando Products, Inc.

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Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers

A wide variety of shipping containers such as wooden crates, ISO containers, ATA cases, corrugated boxes, and others can be custom fabricated by Orlando Products. Any type of shipping container can be outfitted with custom designed foam with the container and cargo in mind. We can accommodate fragile equipment ranging from medical blood testing equipment to electronic media camera equipment and even military communications devices and ammo boxes.

Also available are built-to-spec, reusable Work-in-Process transportation containers. Designed to your specifications and built to last, these closed-loop containers assist with many manufacturing process chains needing interplant transport, while saving on shipping materials and optimizing packaging time.


Transportation Mode Solutions For:

ISO Containers

Military Application Metal Containers

Music and Media Equipment Cases

Plastic Pallet Cases

Plastic Shipping Crates and Bulk Containers

Reusable Work-in-Process Containers (built to specification)

Wooden Crates

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