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Evazote Foams are closed cell cross-linked ethylene copolymer foams. They are tougher than Plastazote foams-stronger and more resilient. They are used widely in a range of sports applications and leisure products, as well as footwear and in the construction industry where its enhanced durability and chemical resistance make it ideal for expansion joints.

EV and VA grades differ in the proportional make up of the ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer.

Grade nomenclatures indicate polymer types and nominal density:

EV = ethylene vinyl acetate (higher VA content)

VA = ethylene vinyl acetate (lower VA content)

E.g. EV50 Blue Evazote is 50kg/m3 ­ Polymer - ethylene vinyl acetate 18%

VA25 White Evazote is 25kg/m3¯ Polymer¯ethylene vinyl acetate 9%

Additionally, the Evazote materials are also manufactured as conductive grades combining all the general properties of the specific grade with reduced volume resistivity. They are used for a wide variety of applications including the storage protection and transport of electronic components and devices, and EMC shielding.

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