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MTS Series PCB-Screen Printing Equipment

MTS Series PCB-Screen Printing Equipment

Wide Range of Applications

Close tolerance screen and stencil printing is usually associated with smaller-format substrates and print areas such as used in micro-electronics. In recent times, however, there is a growing need for larger-format applications as used in the medical, solar, display, and flexible electronic circuitry fields.

MTS® Series printers allow better process stability for large areas – in all axes, and with superior results based on your screen making capabilities. Preco's X-Y-theta camera registration can be equipped with a variety of fiducial recognition techniques, to provide unique repeatable accuracy for all formats.


  • Flexible circuitry (solder mask, photo-imageable coatings, nomenclature, etc.)

  • SMD (web solder paste application, blind via fills, conductive adhesives, etc.)

  • Biosensors (test strips, tab electrodes, de brillator pads, etc.)

  • Thin-film solar photo-voltaics (collectors, insulators, z-connectors)

  • Displays (bistable, electroluminescent, etc.)

  • RFID (antennas, interposers, connectors, etc.)

  • Membrane switch assemblies (overlays, circuitry, adhesive, etc.)

  • Fuel cells

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