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Laminated packaging

Laminated packaging

Laminated packaging

Laminating = The process of applying a film of plastic to the surface of a material

Printstock Products have a state of the art laminating machine that is capable of producing top-class flexible packaging for sealing, wrapping and displaying food products like bags, pouches, sachets and wraps. Laminating clear or coloured films onto paper or card provide greater stability and rigidity, a scratch and mark resistant surface, a high gloss surface and an effective moisture barrier.

Phoenix1150 Laminating Machine | Food Packaging NZ

Laminating provides a range of different options:

  • Coated foil/paper for a large range of products; e.g chocolate wrappers.

  • Paper, foil and polyethylene produce a "high barrier" material used for milk powder packaging to optimize "long shelf life".

  • Laminated "holographic film" enhances product recognition and unique branding opportunities.

  • Reverse printing on clear film and sealed between 2 layers of laminating creates a safe wrap with high visual impact.

  • Foil laminated unto card for moisture barrier and insulation for cake and pastry bases.

Our laminating machines can take care of the most delicate of flexible packaging materials e.g:

  • Tissue paper for packaging wine bottles.

  • Aluminium foil from 7mm.

  • Coated tissue paper for greaseproof burger wrappings.

  • High gloss paper for gift wrapping.

  • Microwave film for freezing and microwaving.

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