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Special customised-innovative corrugated boxes

Special customised-innovative corrugated boxes

Corrugated Box Division conducts continuous innovation to fulfill growing market demand. Several special products from Pura Box Division are:

Plastic Lamination: utilized as waterproof and airproof layer used for boxes for items with high humidity level.

Waterproof Coating: used as waterproof coating similar to wax with more even, smoother and hygienic finish.

This coating is used in boxes for fruits, fish, or meat to help preserving the products.

Greaseproof Coating: this coating increase boxes durability in storing greasy products, commonly used as fast food packaging.

Decorative Box: multipurpose boxes with exclusive design and motifs that is not only used as a packaging but also as aesthetic items in homes and offices. Available designs: wood fiber pattern, pearlescent, and hologram.

One Way Shipping Pallet (Corrugated Pallet): shipping pallet with adjustable sizes, holding even weight from 900 – 1500 kgf, easy to use, can be recycled and environment friendly, perfect for overseas shipments.

Customised products: we receive customised orders from clients depending on their needs, design, and sizes.

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