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Labels are one of the factors that separate one product for the next. Choosing the right type of label for your product can mean the difference between that product just sitting there or practically jumping off the shelf into the hands of your customers. Customer based labels are just one use for labels. They can be used to help with organization, tracking, and even personalization of an area. Labels that are used for Health, Beauty, and Personal Care items may include any of the following:

Labels are created using specialized materials that help to distinguish your product from all of the other products on the same shelf. Specialized Label treatment may include:

Specialized Materials:

  • Foils add richness and dimension to your consumer message. They are easily customized to help increase label messages. Foils can increase the quality look of your product. They can be customized through hot stamp, or cold foil processes. They work well with most inks and can be printed on metalized paper.
  • Transparencies promote your message while allowing the consumer to see your product. These see through labels can be used with a variety of inks, or combined with graphics.

Specialized Inks:

  • Inks allow the marketing concept to become three dimensional. The right color, the right font, the right size all combine to promote your product.
  • Specialized inks include water-based, or UV inks that won't fade.

Specialized Techniques:

  • Rotary Dies give your label a specialized shape.
  • Embossing
  • Hotstamping
  • Digital Printing, which can allow you to create your own special art work.

We are here to help. This means that we can make suggestions about products, design, and materials that will make your product marketing work. Take advantage of our 30 plus years of experience producing quality labels and providing second to none customer service.

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