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WS2 series | 2 "desktop printer

WS2 series | 2 "desktop printer

Print bracelets and labels on one device

The WS2 is a SATO germ-resistant, compact direct thermal printer ideal for a wide range of healthcare applications. Due to its antimicrobial, disinfectable plastic housing, the WS2 is suitable for direct use on the ward. It prints both patient wristbands and labels quickly and correctly, so staff do not have to worry about it anymore. The WS2 is also offered in combination with the SATO patient wristbands as part of a cost-effective package, making handwritten labels a thing of the past.

Main features and advantages:

  • Ensure patient safety - Disinfectable, antimicrobial housing

  • Print as needed - print patient wristbands and all kinds of labels used in hospitals. Compact design, light weight for easy transport

  • Deletion of sources of error - Information is taken from the existing patient management system

  • Save time - Easy to use with easy media feed, improved printer settings tools, and a web interface. Higher average print speed than other devices on the market, up to 17.7 cm / sec.

  • Easy integration - Cerner approval and prepared for connection to all existing HIS / EMR systems with standard USB and Ethernet interfaces

  • Improved carbon footprint - Less waste consumables than comparable models on the market

Compatible with:

  • Patient wristbands (optimized for SATO patient wristbands)

  • Labels for medication dispensing

  • Labels for tissue samples

  • Labels for blood samples / transfusions

  • Labels for patient meals

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