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Rotary die cutting machine – type RSM

Rotary die cutting machine – type RSM

With our RSM series, we not only offer our customers a wide range of options to realize their projects, but also to make their work steps more future-oriented.

The current rotary cutting and punching machines are equipped with the latest SINAMICS drives and control systems. These use an efficient energy management process, which, thanks to the coordinated elements of the drive train, leads to a gain in energy efficiency of up to 10%.

With the Twin Spider set-up, the RSM series offers a programmable, robot-controlled high-speed stacking and counting system ("spider"). The robot-controlled delivery developed for this purpose makes it possible to stack different products with the same print image.

Range of application:

  • For the production of self-adhesive, non-adhesive and inmould labels as well as as for cardboards, PE-coated paper, multilayer, PE, PET and PP-films
  • To be used in label, cotton, hygienic and packaging industry


  • Standard working width 410, 520, 770, 1000 mm (special sizes available upon request)
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Variable production speed
  • Antistatic device

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