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Confectionery Packaging

Confectionery Packaging

Confectionery Packaging

Confectionary – a product with high standards

When it comes to purity and quality, your product sets its standards high. Ingredients, such as cocoa and cocoa butter, add value to your product and this needs to be safeguarded. Your high-class products demand a top level service provider and that’s where we can help. As your partner and supplier, our mission is to find the best solution for your needs. Our strength is meeting the packaging requirements of your confectionery – something we do day-in, day out.

Our packaging materials meet the four main criteria:

  • Functionality:To ensure everything works faultlessly when your production starts, we discuss all possible packaging materials in advance. We provide test rolls. We stand by your side while your machines run the first trials and up to the start of production.
  • Protection:Your high-class product also needs be perfect when it arrives at the end user site. Our packaging provides light protection and retains the flavour.
  • Security:Our packaging protects the product and gives peace of mind. All raw materials used, all films, colours and coatings comply with national and international safety guidelines. We have the necessary EU and FDA authorisation to back this up. You receive a specification for every line.
  • Hygiene:It is only clean if it is pure. To ensure this, we manufacture strictly according to BRC/IOP incl. HACCP standards

We use standardised materials:

  • Printed OPP film and cold seal coatings.
  • Printed OPP film, metallized. Than mono and multilayer films, with or without cold seal

Chocolate bars – small but tasty!

This may look like an easy-to-package product at first glance but the devil lies in the details. Very small, high-quality print images and high packaging speeds demand a high level of expertise, skill and years of experience. For years, we have been known as a supplier of high-end packaging materials and manufacturer of Napolitaines, the mini chocolate squares. We know what we are doing.

Anybody who packages chocolate bars knows the technical challenge they pose. The packaging material must comply with a number of criteria:

  • High packaging speed: Napolitains are packed at very high speeds. 450 pieces/minute are not uncommon. The sliding properties must be maintained within narrow tolerances.
  • Stamp printing: With such small, fine print images (minute photos and fine fonts), the elaborately designed films need to be impressive.
  • Mass production and yet unique: The quality of each individual wrapper is of the utmost importance, every piece must function properly.

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