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Automatic intelligent weighing scale and metal detection machine

Automatic intelligent weighing scale and metal detection machine

Automatic intelligent weighing scale and metal detection machine, short for checkweigher and metal detector, by integrating metal inspection machine and automatic checking weigher function on a simple cantilever frame, conveniently and effectively installed in the existing workshop, thus reducing the space requirements of the production line to a low level and saving installation cost.

Metal detection and weighing machine features:

1. Cantilever structure, mainly made of stainless steel.It USES FDA-approved plastic conveyor mounts to greatly improve equipment hygiene and flushing quality

2. The advanced weighing controller in the device enables users to improve their processing efficiency and profitability. Line operators can understand the performance of the line at any time and make necessary adjustments from the graphic display of statistical information to ensure the high efficiency of the line

3.10 inch LCD display, Menu screen in English and Chinese, easy to achieve man-machine dialogue operation

4. A variety of feedback accessories to meet the needs of various feeding operations

5. With memory function, it can store the detection parameters of multiple products

6. Simple removable frame for user cleaning

7. Special design of conveyor belt to avoid deviation of conveyor belt

8. Performance is further improved by using high-performance sensors and integrated motors

Product Application

The series of metal detection and weighing machines are widely used in the on-line high speed packaging gold inspection and reapplication of pharmaceutical, food, health products, daily chemical, battery, light industry and other industries.

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