Flow Wrap Machine

Flow Wrap Machine

The type of mechanism used in Flow Wrap Machine is Continuous Sealing. Flow Wrap Machine is a fully automatic machine capable of packing various shapes namely cubical, cylindrical and others. Flow Wrap Machine can run various types of heat sealable laminates / films that are printed/ unprinted. The speed of our Flow Wrap Machine is between 5 to 200 Packs/min. Photo Electric Control systems present in Flow Wrap Machine controls the eye mark. The Flow Wrap Machine weighs 1200Kgs. Temperature Controllers are installed in our Flow Wrap Machine. Adjustable pouch length mechanism present in Flow Wrap Machine helps in reducing the wastage of packaging material. The size of the Flow Wrap Machine is Length-3000mm, Width-1000mm, Height-1800mm.


Collar Type Machine


Collar Type Machine is an intermittent system. The Contact parts of Collar Type Machine are manufactured from stainless steel. The base machine of Collar Type Machine can handle automatic weigh filters as well as auger fillers. Collar Type Machine can handle all kinds of laminated films vis-a-vis polyester / BOPP/Polyethylene/ Al-foil etc. PID based temperature controller is installed in Collar Type Machine. The Packing Limit of Collar Type Machine is from 200 gm to 2 Kg (General). Collar Type Machine Has a tendency to pack various products such as Liquids, Powder and Granules can be packed using Collar Type Machine. Pouch Width & Length variable, notching provision, embossing etc is an optional feature of Collar Type Machine.

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