Customized Packaging Machine

This customized packaging machine is an interesting solution for those, who seek deluxe packaging – a square bottom bag wrapped with a cardboard strap, glued on top or attached with metal rivets.


Customized packaging machine is made out of four sets: The first one is the packaging machine itself – an asynchronous Ecospeedy, manufactured a bit smaller than the one sold separately to meet the space requirements. Here a square bottom bag is made and filled with the product. The second set picks the cardboard straps up and forms them above the catenary, which is driven by a brushless motor. This way the bags are moved to the third set of the machine – the pneumatic groups, where cardboard is bent according to the package size. The last set is a rivet-inserting device, driven by step motors. All parts are coordinated with integrated onboard electronics. This piece of machinery can easily make your product stand out with unlimited customization of the package.

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