Specialized Marking System Ltd

Specialized Marking System Ltd

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Hot Stamp Print

Hot Stamp Print

Hot Stamped Colours

The Hot Stamp Die Cutter will hot stamp up to 2 colours plus laminate. SMS provides a variety of flood coated PMS coloured stock to choose from. There is a wide range of hot stamping coloured foils to choose from.

Dies available

Specialized Marking Systems has over 1000 in house dies. This allows the customer to choose from a variety of different sizes and shapes with out any extra cost. Please click on the link to access the Hot Stamp Die Book.

Hot Stamp Colours

The foils SMS uses are the most popular shades in the market and are readily available. Please click on the link to view colour sample books.

House Stocks and Colours

SMS provides standard PMS flood coated stock in Gloss, Uncoated, and Matte finishes as well as standard substrates in Metallic, Clear, Polylite, and Fluorescent stocks.

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