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Classic, very inexpensive packaging material for a wide range of applications in different qualities

Possible uses depending on the base material as:

Packaging for all shapes and sizes (body, top, asymmetric shapes)


surface protection

Lining of all kinds of containers

upholstery material

individual roll widths and run lengths available



Our classic – endless, flexible and environmentally friendly packaging

The particular strength of roll corrugated board lies in its flexibility with regard to the unlimited possible uses and the low price .

We produce single or multi-wall rolls of corrugated cardboard for you with different types of corrugation - also in individual widths and lengths on request. Depending on the requirements of the packaging purpose, you can choose between different types of paper and basis weights or a lamination with foam or environmentally friendly fleece for the outer cover, corrugated sheet and inner cover , in order to optimally adapt the strength or flexibility of the corrugated cardboard to the packaged goods.

We offer you our inexpensive standard qualities with our own 80 g Schrenz paper in the corrugation and in the outer cover. The Schrenz paper consists of 100% recycled paper and is also 100% recyclable , making it particularly environmentally friendly . For packaging purposes with special strength requirements, we recommend corrugated cardboard with kraft liner or test liner in the outer layer.

We would be happy to advise you on the right choice of composition.

Incidentally, our rolled corrugated cardboard is ideal for processing with the cutting devices and packaging machines from Papier Sprick. In this way you combine the economy of the material with maximum flexibility in use and can increase the performance of the packaging area .

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