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Sticking to the Right Solutions

At Syracuse Label & Surround Printing, we provide not only the highest quality pressure sensitive labels, but labeling solutions. We ask the right questions to get the right answers for your application.

What is a Pressure Sensitive Label?

As a result of their application versatility and cost-effectiveness, pressure sensitive labels are the most popular packaging decoration today.  Pressure sensitive labels, or “PS” labels, typically consist of three materials married together. The first layer is the face stock that will be displayed on your packaging. Then an adhesive coating is applied to the back of the face stock for adherence. Finally, there is a carrier, otherwise known as a liner that the face stock and adhesive are attached to. The liner is coated with silicone to allow the label to be released and applied to whatever packaging or container it is intended for. PS labels are applied with pressure by either hand or machine. Pressure Sensitive labels also come in a variety of constructions, with a nearly endless amount of application solutions.

Why Syracuse Label & Surround Printing?

It’s not just a label, or a sticker, or a pretty picture; it’s your brand. So, we have created a system that keeps your projects on time with consistent quality.  For starters, we’ve equipped our press room with the latest print technologies and capabilities. In addition to that, we’ve built strong supplier relationships in order to offer a multitude of PS label material options for any application. Finally, we work as a team, utilizing our experience and knowledge, in order to surround your challenges with solutions.

Our Portfolio

Syracuse Label & Surround Printing offers solutions to surround your products with an extensive amount of options.

Added Effects

We’ve equipped our presses to provide an array of effects and embellishments, including Hot Stamp, Cold Foil, Embossing, and spot varnishes.

No Look Label

Also available are ultra-thin clear labels that “disappear” on your packaging. Perfect for products such as aluminum cans and clear PET bottles and are widely used in industries like health and beauty and Craft beer & ciders. These are a cost-effective solution to screen-printed bottles and containers.

Specialty & Textured Label Stocks

Unique sensory alluring materials are available such as metallics, leather, linens, kraft, wood and much more. As such, these types of labels are a favorite in the wine and spirits community as well as in cosmetics.

Adhesive Printing & Dual Images

As one of the unique PS label options available, dual image and adhesive printing allow for the elimination of a back label. Popular in a number of industries including wine and spirits, health and beauty care and household chemicals.

2-Ply, Extended Content, Peel Backs & IRCs

These labels offer space for extra information and are used in a variety of ways including; as promotional tools, nutritional facts, or for special instructions. An ideal solution for products in markets such pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and household chemicals.

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