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Valco Melton’s Akura Coating Stations offer an innovative solution to enhance your production process with the ability to incorporate hot melt coating capabilities. These coating stations enable you to achieve homogeneous and streak-free coatings on continuous applications up to 3000mm wide.

With the Akura Coating Stations, you have the flexibility to install them as either a permanent fixture on existing machines or fully mobile wheel-in carts.

Incorporating Akura Coating Stations to your current water-based or solvent-based coating line is an effective way to expand your product portfolio and increase productivity. This innovation allows you to increase the range of products that you offer by including those where hot melt or UV hot melts are better suited or higher line-speeds are required.

Upgrading your gravura bath application with Akura Coating Stations will provide you with the benefits of an enclosed gluing system. The enclosed gluing system ensures improved thermal stability and minimized adhesive pollution, resulting in reduced maintenance downtime and increased product quality.

Additionally, the Akura Coating Stations allow you to incorporate linerless capabilities into your siliconizing machine. This feature eliminates the need for release liner waste and enhances your production process efficiency, resulting in cost savings and a more sustainable production process.


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