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Today, more than ever before, consumers require a lot of information before they make a purchase decision. So how do you provide all this information without sacrificing your branding? We’ve got the solution, an Expanded Content Label (ECL)

Expanded Content Labels

Expanded content labels (ECLs) are the ideal way to increase “real estate” available for information about your brand, company, or product. By using an ECL, you triple your print space, which means you can add all necessary regulatory copy and additional product specifications without diminishing your ability to promote your brand or highlight the benefits of your product. In addition, ECLs allow consumers to interact with your products, making them the perfect medium for promotions, recipes, games, sweepstakes, contests, and cooperative advertising.

At Western Shield, we pioneered a proprietary method to print ECLs in a single-pass. The results: perfect color matching across panels, improved efficiency (lower cost to you), and the ability to print up to 7-colors on one of the panels (including 4-color process printing). We also offer multiple material options, a notched base for easy opening, and improved resealability.

Need more space? No problem. We also offer booklet labels. These heavy-duty booklets have more hidden panels than traditional ECLs. In fact, some booklet labels can be up to 16 pages – a great option for large quantities of information that need to be conveyed in a limited space.

We always go the extra mile at Western Shield. When an idea is still just that – an idea – we work to bring it to fruition. Here’s what nutritional supplement company NutriBiotic had to say about our approach to their new label concept:

Discover how far Western Shield can take your expanded content label. 

Common Applications for Expanded Content Labels:

  • Recipes & Cooking Instructions
  • Romance Copy & Story Lines
  • Directions & Usage Instructions
  • Mission Statements & Charitable Affiliations
  • Regulatory Information & Legal Copy
  • Product Warnings
  • Rebates, Warranties & Guarantee Statements
  • Mixing Tables
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Multi-Lingual Information (Equal Weight)

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