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Large packaging manufacturers like to wow you with considerable cost savings, special materials, and space-saving structural engineering. As one of Asia’s largest packaging manufacturers we do all these things too, however, we do it better.

With solid marketing experience, we create and execute award-winning brand design. With our cutting-edge creativity, superior print facilities and dedicated QC teams we produce packaging suitable for any market place.

Our passion in design is the essential ingredient for many “made to last” success stories. We take branding seriously and believe in building brand awareness and integrity. We understand values, habits and consumer trends, and the importance of translating these elements into packaging that helps drive sales.

So, whether you're developing a new design, revitalizing an existing one or looking for consistency in the application of a design across different categories; YFYJupiter can help you get there in a way that works for you. That's something the typical printers and packaging guys just don't do.

YFYJupiter Packaging Highlights:

23+ fully owned YFY packaging manufacturing plants in China and Southeast Asia.

YFY packaging facilities are ISO 9000, 14000 and 18000 series certified. As well some hold certifications for responsible sourcing.

Additional JV and certified partner packaging facilities throught Asia, India, the U.S. and Mexico.

YFYJupiter customer support, package testing and package design centers in Taiwan, China, Singapore, United Kingdom, the U.S. and Mexico.

Fully integrated YFY paper making and storage facilities in China and Southeast Asia.

Wide format corrugators at each of the YFY packaging locations.

Paper and packaging materials development and distribution through our fully owned subsidiary Mobius105.

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