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New Facility worth US$ 50 Million for Compaa de las Cerveceras Unidas(CCU)



New Facility worth US$ 50 Million for Compaa de las Cerveceras Unidas(CCU)




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New Facility worth US$ 50 Million for CCU CCU recently reported a 7.6% growth in sales volumes compared to the last year, followed by a significant increase in Chile (9.3%) in opposition to a decrease (1.9%) in Argentina. The performance gave enough support to the plans for this year: US$ 22 million for a new warehouse and distribution facility in the commune of Chillán Viejo (Chile), expected to begin operations later this year or early 2014; and The conclusion of the US$ 28 million invested in 2012 to equip plants in Santa Fe and Luján (Argentina) with latest technology, also developing new packaging for its beers. In Argentina, the company renewed its machinery and equipment for the reclassification of packaging, while launched a redesigned bottle. Fernando Sanchis, CCU Argentina’s general manager, said: “The investment is part of the 2012-2014 three-year plan of more than US$ 100 million to optimize our logistics and distribution operations, expand our production capacity and modernize our fleet generic containers”. The company invested US$ 26.55 million for the purchase of technology for their plants and US$ 5.08 million for the construction of 5,000 square meters of warehouses and 8,000 square meters of concrete. For this project, CCU Argentina hired thirty new people at the plant in Luján, and estimated to do the same en el 2013 in Santa Fe. The new bottle was launched in Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires for Schneider and Imperial brands in all its varieties, and soon will reach the rest of the country. The company sees the new bottle design as “a practical, modern and aligned with the visual and aesthetic brewery codes”. At the same time, said the company, it offers a more appropriate presentation of the quality of the content of both brands. In Chile, the new facilities will occupy an area of 32,000 square meters. While the original design of the building tackles only of the distribution center, CCU executives are studying the possibility of expanding the project and consider installing a bottling plant in a not so distant future. Project Name New Facility worth US$ 50 Million for Compaa de las Cerveceras Unidas(CCU) Location Chile Commence 2013 Completion 2014 Estimated Investment US $ 50 million Capacity -NA- Key Players Compaa de las Cerveceras Unidas(CCU)