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New printing and laminating technologies at Italian packaging plant



New printing and laminating technologies at Italian packaging plant




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Tetra Pak Invests US$ 42 million in Italian Packaging Plant Tetra Pak declared that it will invest US$ 42 million in new printing and laminating technologies at its packaging materials plant in Rubiera, Italy. As a result, the printing and lamination capacity will rise by 25 per cent and 30 per cent respectively. The company claims that it will upgarde its technology by installing a VT Lam 650/6 WRM laminator and a new Flexopress printing line. Both the technologies will use less energy and release less CO2 than previous technologies. The company advoactes that the new laminator, capable of laminating all types and sizes of Tetra Pak packages, will begin production in March 2009. While augmenting production capacity from 3 bn packs currently to approximately 4 bn in 2009, the VT Lam 650/6 WRM laminator will deliver higher product quality and faster turnaround times for customers. The company claims that the Flexopress printing line, which will incorporate the latest flexoprocess printing technology will begin production in November this year. This will enable the company to print on a wide variety of packaging materials and boost printing capacity. The managing director of Tetra Pak, Italy, Jorge Montero observes, "An investment of this size demonstrates our continued commitment to helping customers grow their businesses using our state-of-the-art packaging and processing systems."